Antifreeze removal

Antifreeze Removal - Los Angeles, CA

Waste materials like used antifreeze and coolants are harmful to the environment once they are inappropriately disposed of. In line with this, the A1 Oil Recycling, LLC included Waste Antifreeze Removal in its full range of services wherein our staff collect and process waste antifreeze to minimize their detrimental impact on the environment.

Our antifreeze removal starts with the collection of the waste materials from our customer's facilities. Then, the used antifreeze materials are thoroughly processed to make them reusable for reselling purposes in Los Angeles, CA. The once waste antifreeze or coolants are properly turned into renewed products which are usually sold as packaged and in bulk too. This process is called as "up-cycling" or recycling waste into a product that has a greater level of quality compared to its original state. Our up-cycled antifreeze products that we provide are sold in large quantities to the public.

Our top quality waste antifreeze removal service in Los Angeles, CA can be combined with other services into one package so our customers can save more by availing two or more services at one time. For detailed inquiries on our rates and packages, please contact our friendly client support, or get in touch with us online. A1 Oil Recycling, LLC recycles your used antifreeze into a re-manufactured material via its authorized antifreeze recyclers. We supply to in many different sizes for your on-site antifreeze storage requirements, which can later be removed by our antifreeze collection program. We offer regular pick-ups or scheduled call-ins with complete recycling that will check any overflow situations which can lead to messy as well as unwanted spills.